GooBang Doo HDVCB1 Video Capture Box Unboxing and Review

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GooBang Doo HDVCB1 Mini on Amazon:

This 1080p HD Video Capture Box from GooBang Doo is a personal PVR which can record video from any HDMI input which makes it an ideal device for recording your gameplay from the Nintendo Switch or other game console. It has an HDMI input, HDMI output as well as a dedicated 3.5mm mic input so you can record your voice while you are playing. I was unable to test the mic input as I tried using gaming headsets and earbuds which are incompatable as it requires a dedicated 3.5mm mic only. Will test with a Lapel mic at some point.

This capture device uses any USB stick to record video with it’s H.264 hardware encoder. It can record video in 1080p or 720p format, and there is a simply start/stop recording button on the same side you plug in the USB Stick. The front has moving LED lights to indicate when it is recording and the blue LED indicator shows it is in 720p mode while the grey LED on the left indicates it is in 1080p recording mode.

The manual could have used some information on what the LED indicators were for and the colors meant, it was figured out through trial and error.

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