007plus ID105 Fit Band Fitness Heart Rate Tracker Video Review

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007Plus is the ID105 Fit Band: http://prourls.co/LEbn it comes in black or purple and the fit watch is inside the band (can’t be removed) the charging is a USB powered clamp that clamps over and makes pin connnections to charge the fit band. This gadget is only rated for splashproof (sink water, rain) it is not submersible in water.

This budget fitband has four main screens showing you the date/time and battery level, your step counter, your estimated calories burned and your heart rate monitor. The heart rate will constantly read instead of taking single time measurements and the step counter is accurate and does not track movements of the arms but acutally uses your GPS and location movement to track steps. So it is able to count steps when walking even if you aren’t swinging your arms and you can’t trick it out by standing still and swinging your arms attempting to increase steps. The step tracking was better than some other budget fit bands I have reviewed. The battery life is about 4 days on a single charge which is fair but not great. The button on the side instead of touch screen is not as convenient but functional. This watch uses the Veryfit 2 app like the ID107 so sleep tracking won’t work on iPhone only Android which appears to be a limitation of the Veryfit 2 app and the same problem occurs with the ID105 and ID107 fit bands.

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