About the Sovmiku CG6 2K Solar Security Camera

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Pick up the Sovmiku CG6 2K Solar Security Cam on Amazon https://amzn.to/3YcZ1z9

High-Efficiency Solar Power: Equipped with monocrystalline silicon solar panels boasting an impressive 23% energy conversion rate. Paired with a robust 5200mAh battery, one full charge ensures the camera runs for over 50 days. Expect this reliable combo to last for over 8 years!

Crystal Clear Resolution: The camera’s advanced quad-pixel, 3MP sensor provides exceptional detail, delivering a resolution that’s 4x clearer—ensuring every crucial detail stands out.

Built for the Outdoors: The CG6 isn’t just pretty—it’s tough. Rated at IP65, it’s resistant to dust, water, and splashes. Plus, its charging interface sports a waterproof silicone protective plug, allowing for safe outdoor installation. Just remember, it’s durable, but not invincible!

Smart & Responsive Detection: The camera’s Passive Infrared Sensor remains always active. Should a human or animal approach, it responds in milliseconds, activating the camera and, if it’s night, the spotlight too. And if you’ve turned on the Alarm Flash and Alarm Siren features, get ready for a visual and audible alert when movement is detected.

Considering an upgrade to your security system? Sovmiku’s CG6 brings solar power and precision together in one compact package. Don’t compromise on safety—choose clarity and durability.

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