Android Game Review: Defenders Creed Reloaded

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Huang Zhong is defending his fort from the evil armies of Shia. Your mission is to vanquish the relenting waves of Shia’s army from bringing down the Fort of your leader Huang Zhong.



The free game comes with 8 rounds with each round containing 8 levels.  At any time there are in game purchases that allow for the building of a stronger army with more capable soldiers, upgraded food supply or special abilities.



Your barrel wagons are what your forces to need to battle the incoming Shia army.  The more barrels you have the larger your defenses can be.  Choose from Archers, drummers, light and heavy armor.  Each choice is a different supply cost so you must choose wisely to best prepare to defeat the incoming enemy.  Your arrows work better against some types of enemies and not so well against others.  Utilize your special abilities, multi arrow, to save the day and prevent being overrun.



As you work your way through the different levels you will unlock upgraded soldiers.  This enables you to better defend the fort from the always improving army onslaught.



Getting frustrated?  Purchase some upgrade points….Money is power in all worlds.



Be prepared to defend against Shia himself…more mobile than any other soldier in his army.



3 stars is perfect and easily attained in the early levels but as you work your way through stars are more difficult to come by.


Those single stars may get to you and drive you to purchase some in game assistance.  No matter the country or the type of currency they are ready for you.  Your wallet is at their service!


I have been battling through normal mode to try and experience the Survival mode but my skills, without buying anything, have not lived up to the task.  I am still trying because I do find the game fun.  Frustrating at times but that is part of the challenge.  So definitely worth the free purchase price and likely worth some in game purchases to get further than I have so far.  It can be one of those losing time without noticing how much time has gone by games too.

Updated: January 15, 2014 — 7:00 am