Can I Have More Than One Dynamic IP Address Within A Full Domain Name?

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At the moment, you can only have one dynamic IP address for each domain name. There are a lot of tricks that can let you to get a lot more hosts though. If you try to do this, there are a few things you need to consider, but it is possible to find work-arounds to give you more than one dynamic IP address for any domain name range.


Dynamic IP Address

A dynamic IP address is one that changes every time you connect to the Internet. If you’re ISP only gives you one dynamic IP address at a time, then it can be hard to run extra things that you might want to run. This includes a service like an extra website, FTP server, mail server or anything similar.  This is generally required in order to make sure that your servers will run properly. If you have more than one computer and you want some hosts to point to one, and some to point to another, then you’ll need a free hostname and CNAME records to make it work out.

Using Services to Get Multiple Dynamic IP Addresses

There are sites that will help you with this specifically. You can create a free account with them or with any other similar service. You will then use it to create a free hostname.  So basically, after you create a free hostname, you can use it instead of your IP address. Getting a free host name can really change your approach to many things that you might do online.

FTP Servers

An example of how this might function is if you’re trying to run an FTP server. Once you create a host name using a free service, you can enter that name directly into your FTP client, or even right into your address bar to make the connection. Running an FTP server is something people will do for a lot of different reasons, including just to be able to get files remotely wherever you are, or if you want to share files with friends or business associates.


Another use for taking advantage of free domains is for webservers. All you have to do is add your host or domain into the address bar to connect to a server you’re running from your house or from your business and you’ll be able to automatically have it generate a second dynamic IP address not related to your first one. This is also advantageous in terms of connecting remotely with something like Windows Remote Desktop. You could connect to the desktop in questions by simply typing in the domain name without the “http” part attached to it. It’s useful to be able to go back and forth between computers freely like this, after all. It’s partly useful because you can help solve someone’s problem remotely this way without having to go over there if you can just see their computer on yours.


Even beyond services that will create this for you, you can also download clients that will do it. There are multiple clients for Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and cross platform that can handle this service for you if you need to run a web server, or any other service that would require more than one dynamic IP address such as a mail server and so on. Offering these services to clients on the Internet can be a great way to run a business from your home, after all, especially since people are often motivated by bypassing trivial inconveniences.

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