Contixo F22 Drone – Flight Test and Features

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Nate does a video walk through showing off the Contixo F22 Compact Foldable Drone with a 1080p camera. This drone uses GPS assisted flight and can remember it’s point of takeoff to do automatic return home so that it flies back and lands at it’s starting location without any manual user control. It can automatically return home or land when its battery is low to avoid it losing power and crashing in the distance. The Contixo F22 features person detection and when selected you can have it lock onto a person and follow them while recording. It also can fly in circules, and supports gesture controls and auto-hover.

The wide angle 1080p camera sends signal to your cell phone which can be viewed live or recorded. Use the free F22 RC Remote app to control your drone. Video transmission is done via Wi-Fi to a range of up to 750 feet according to manufacturer. The Contixo F22 comes with a portable custom storage case and you never have to worry about taking the propellers off.

Drone battery life is about 15-20 minutes depending on if you are recording video which consume a little extra battery while drone is in operation.

Note because the video does sent back to the phone via Wi-Fi the skipping of video is raw and live, all video live recording and streaming tests had some video footage skipping due to the fact that all camera recording is sent back to phone via Wi-Fi and there can be some interference and latency causing some video skipping. Other than that this drone was an excellent hobby drone and is priced very well in the beginner drone market for someone who wants a high quality and compact drone that doesn’t cost nearly $1000 or more. This drone is less than $150 and you get a fantastic drone at this price point.

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Updated: December 20, 2019 — 4:16 pm