Dragon & Poetry 1 Full Hour of Audio Poetry with Ambient Sounds and Visuals

This is a full 1 hour of Audio Poetry

Artwork – Stories of Glory Days by Zhivko Zhelev – credit https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dmeGX

This content put together with Filmora X and leverages effects from Filmstock
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Wanderer Thoughts Poetry Kindle Books:
✅Wanderer Thoughts Poetry Vol 1 – https://geni.us/xq8B5BW
✅Wanderer Thoughts Poetry Vol 2 – https://geni.us/e6vs
✅Wanderer Thoughts Poetry: Poems from the Deep https://geni.us/0Pz74E

Poems in Dragon and Poetry Volume 1:
Martian Man
The World at Nightmare’s End
Tagging the Shark
A Wizards Act
So Many Memories
Ghost Whispers
Last Great Battle
Bloom Again
Mass Destruction
Misspoken Phrase
Manichean Monks
Love on a Rainy Day
Mineral Zombies
Moment Feast
Nearing Sarcophagus
Summoned Light
Second Chances
The Egg Hunt

Poems in Dragon and Poetry Volume 2:
Spirit Wander
One Cycle
Minor Collision
Blink of an Eye
Love Strikes
Survive the Dream
Slow Recovery
The Novelist
Persistence Failed
Mothers Restaurant
Impeccable Failure
The Candy Ghouls
Foreign Feast
Global Giving
Blue Lightning
Facing Phobia
The Coming Age
Cold Feet
Curious Storefront
Forgotten Vagrants
Princess Thief
Femme Mortelle
The Climb
Rainbow Games

Poems in Dragon and Poetry Volume 3:
Escape the City
Gorgeous Frustration
Stoic Warrior
False Message
Virtual Celebrity
Broken Heart
Financial Woe
Damaged Cabinetry
Trick or Treat
Turkey Run
Chanuka Elf
New Dawn
Kitten Hunts
The Fly
The Gifted Telemarketer
Justice of the Earth
Battered Dream
Running from Bulls
Should Know Better
New Chances
Garden Penalized
Welcome Vacation

Poems in Dragon and Poetry Volume 4:
Faceless Names
Missing the Shot
Shattered Morning
Should Have
Clearing Sky
Beginning the End
Silent Saint
Life Rewritten
Unjustified Review
Cycle Ends
Integration Woes
Malfeasance Communications
End of Partnership
Coming Changes
Over Par
Ice Above Us
Political Trust
Fallen Light
Left Wandering
Happy Happenstance
Nothing Left
What Purpose
The Patient
The Review

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