DragonBloggers Twitch 2020 Commercial

Introducing the latest https://www.twitch.tv/dragonbloggers commercial with all 8 of our stream team on display in highlight clips. The commercial was made to be under 2 minutes compared to the 4 minute previous commercial.

DragonBloggers is multi streamer Twitch channel where we cover a variety of games during different streamer shifts, you can check out our stream schedules here: https://www.dragonblogger.com/dragonbloggers-twitch-stream-schedule/

You can also follow our Discord for real time updates:
Discord Link: http://bit.ly/DiscordDB

Music Credit: Edited from Turtle Ship by Ghasper https://soundcloud.com/lowlypalace/ghasper-turtle-ship

Into the AM
Updated: January 17, 2020 — 7:54 am