Fantronics 3 Meter Borescope Endoscope Snake Camera for Android or iPhone

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Fantronics 3 Meter Borescope on Amazon:
Fantronics 5 Meter Borescope/Snake Camera: this one works with Windows PC and Android via OTG USB.
Fantronics 5 Meter Snake Camera for USB Type C:

This is your digital scope that you can snake into drains, walls, and other areas with a light at the end of a camera mounted on a 3 meter flexible stiff cord. There are many uses for a gadget such as this and not just for finding things in dark small places. It simply connects to a transmitter box and then you connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network of your transmitter box to see the camera of the borescope in real time with your iPhone or Android phone. Fantronics makes various models so different models are attached with different lengths in case you need a longer snake camera.

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Updated: July 21, 2017 — 11:26 am