How to Make a Game Promo Poster with Paint Dot Net

Required for this tutorial:
Paint Dot Net –
Paint Dot Net Boltbait Plugin Pack –

This tutorial shows you how to crop out background in paint dot net, and then how to use feathering in paint dot net as well as outlining objects in paint dot net.

This is a simple tip that I use in order to jazz up my posters for when I go live on Twitch, I am not in any way an artist or photoshop/graphic wiz, so I only do bare minimum stuff with Paint Dot Net which is a free paint program and combined with the incredible Boltbiaat Plugin Pack effects like “Old Feather” and Outline help really a lot where the base Paint Dot Net lacks those features.

This is meant for a tutorial anyone looking to create a custom video game banner that applies the same basics:
Crop/edit a photo of you and remove background around you
overlay photo on top of a game poster/screenshot
add some text and add some pizzaz (outlines)

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Updated: May 20, 2020 — 1:44 pm