Infinitton Smart Screen Keyboard Video Review [PC Gaming Accessory]

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Infinitton Store: you can also set it to trigger action on any active application I was later informed of this after the video was created. To do this you find the app name by looking at process name and details in task manager and manually type the app name with extension as the trigger.

The Infinitton Smart Screen Keyboard comes in 3 colors (Black, Red or Silver) and this is a key pad with 15 programmable keys that are 72×72 resolution and support any image you want with 16.7 million colors per button. It comes with a default layout and buttons but you can customize profiles for any app and games, you can select some preset applications but the only needs improvement feature of the product and the infinitton smart editor would be for the program to read which applications are running in memory and be able to switch profiles based on running game and you can set a priority list in case it detects multiple running apps with triggers. I think this would just be a software update however as it can auto trigger based on the preset applications you can select.

You can set any key combination or macro keys to the infinitton keyboard with the infinitton smart editor, including execute, multi-media, reminder, simple hotkey, simple string or macro. You can export and import custom layouts as well as set a custom image for each button however you want. You can control the backlighting brightness so it isn’t so bright at night as well.

Overall it is a pretty niche gaming product at $149 but is competitively priced against competitors in this space. It has far more programmable keys than any gaming keyboard I have seen and it can keep all your custom keys on the left where your left hand is needed and you never need to take your right hand off the mouse while gaming.

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Updated: October 10, 2017 — 5:59 pm