Lejoy LD20 Robot Vacuum Unboxing and Cleaning Test with App Showcase

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Merl first unboxes the Lejoy LD20 Robotic Cleaning Vacuum and then sets it loose working on a few rooms in his house. One thing to note is to makes sure lamp cords are tucked out of the path of the vacuum. The vacuum happened to also be just the wrong size that it got wedged under the couch and had to be rescued a few times. The vacuum is methodical in it’s creation of an area diagram and patterns, and you can use the mobile app to help see how it maps out a room and control/restrict area’s to have it avoid going into places to get stuck. The dust container is fair sized and the vacuum will return to it’s charging station when it is done or low on battery. The Robotic Cleaner can vacuum and do wet mopping as well, and the cat follows it around with curiosity.

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Updated: July 9, 2021 — 2:54 pm