The Thinnest Lightest Backlit Mechanical Keyboard?

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The Havit Thin LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard is an absolutely fantastic keyboard the feel of the low profile keys and blue switches make it have the glide of a scissor-switch with the precision of a mechanical keyboard and they are not nearly as loud as traditional blue switch keyboards due the design of the keys. The slim profile and weight make this a perfect travel keyboard and it is far better typing on this low profile keyboard than most laptop keyboards directly in my opinion. The led color is very neutral and not bright enough to disturb a dark room, the color patterns are a bit odd, not sure why you can set it to only highlight keys in patterns I can’t figure out, it is a default function to cycle through which keys get highlighted I just don’t know why the patterns are the way they are.

This keyboard is also ideal if you have a small keyboard tray on your desk that isn’t wide enough for full size 104-keyboards, especially bloated gaming ones with extra custom keys. I did find that the only minor item and this was brought up to me first (I only had laptops) was that the supplied USB cable could be too short, if you keep your PC/Laptop under your desk the cable is too short to run effectively behind your desk and around, it is meant to plug into something relatively close like the laptop/keyboard being near each other or you will need a USB hub.

Would be a 5 Star Keyboard, and would rate it 4.5 stars either way. I do like having a 10-key as I do a lot of 10-key typing, but if you don’t need 10-key this is probably the best low-profile keyboard I have tested. Finally the last reason it didn’t get 5 stars, is that you have a keyboard that you can unplug the USB cable from both directions, making it have no cable attached. They should have included a Bluetooth or USB Dongle option to allow this keyboard to be wired or wireless, especially if they give you option to remove the cable from back of keyboard. Would really have solidified 5 stars if this would have also had wireless support (Bluetooth for use with Mobile Devices too even better). I show a pic below where a full size keyboard didn’t fit in keyboard tray and this Havit one fit just fine.

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Updated: June 29, 2017 — 10:12 pm