Which is the Best Smartwatch: Feature-by-Feature Comparision

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There’s a lot of Buzz about wearable tech these days, be it the Google Glass, or these top of the line Smart Watches. Here are the four Smart Watches that stood above others in my list.

But which one is the best among them is not an easy statement to make. Be it the Kreyos Meteor, Pebble, Sony SW2 or Samsung Galaxy Gear. Each one has it’s unique features, some are great at media while others have slick features like Siri and Google Now support. I would tell you a little about each of them before comparing these, starting with Kreyos Meteor.

Kreyos Meteor– The Kreyos SmartWatch is in talk, since it came out and the response from people has been great after it was listed on Indiegogo for funding, the total funding has crossed a whooping 1.1 million, i.e. 1100% of what the company was asking for. But there’s a reason for such an overwhelming response and funding from everyone – Features! The Kreyos Meteor is packed with some really cool features which we would compare below.

Pebble SmartWatch– It’s not a smartphone for your wrist, in fact, it’s far less sophisticated than you might expect — the lightweight device reads out basic text, lets you skip through music tracks and, of course, displays the time. But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad smartwatch, it too has some amazing features.

Sony SmartWatch 2– Though it doesn’t make calls or snap photos, the $199 SmartWatch 2 delivers detailed updates and a wide ecosystem of apps in an attractive, water-resistant package, and many great apps that sony offer. It’s slick looks are a Big plus too.

Samsung Galaxy Gear– With a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, upcoming third-party support and even a camera, this promises to be unlike any smartwatch we’ve talked about before. Still, $300 is a pretty high price to pay. Below you will see if it’s worth it.




SmartWatch Android IOS
Pebble Android 2.3+ with notifications Yes, full notifications
Kreyos Meteor Yes with notifications Yes, full notifications
Samsung Galaxy Gear Yes, Note3, Note2(4.3), S4, S3(4.3) with notifications NO
Sony SmartWatch 2 Yes, 4.0+ with notifications NO


Winner: Kreyos Meteor and Pebble.



SmartWatch Sensors
Pebble 3 Axis, Accelerometer
Kreyos Meteor 6 Axis, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Samsung Galaxy Gear Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Sony SmartWatch 2 Light sensor, Accelerometer


Winner: Kreyos Meteor


Water Resistance

SmartWatch Resistance
Pebble 50m
Kreyos Meteor >5m
Samsung Galaxy Gear splash
Sony SmartWatch 2 1m


Winner: Pebble


Battery Life (estimated)

SmartWatch Battery Life
Pebble 7 days
Kreyos Meteor 7 days
Samsung Galaxy Gear 25+ hrs
Sony SmartWatch 2 3-4 dyas


Winner: Kreyos Meteor and Pebble



SmartWatch Display
Pebble 1.26″ | 144*168 | LCD”e-paper” | B/W | non-touch
Kreyos Meteor 1.26″ | 144*168 | LCD| colour | N/A
Samsung Galaxy Gear 1.63″ | 320*320 | LCD; AMOLED| colour | touch
Sony SmartWatch 2 1.6″ | 220*176|transflective LCD| colour | touch


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Gear


Voice Assistance

SmartWatch Assistant
Kreyos Meteor Siri™/Voice Control™
Samsung Galaxy Gear S voice
Sony SmartWatch 2


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Gear/ Kreyos Meteor



SmartWatch Weight
Pebble 47g
Kreyos Meteor N/A
Samsung Galaxy Gear 74g
Sony SmartWatch 2 123g


Winner: Pebble



SmartWatch Camera
Kreyos Meteor
Samsung Galaxy Gear 1.9MP
Sony SmartWatch 2


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Gear


Fitness Tracking

SmartWatch Fitness Tracking
Pebble Yes
Kreyos Meteor Yes
Samsung Galaxy Gear Yes
Sony SmartWatch 2 Yes


Winner: TIE


Swappable Band

SmartWatch Swappable Band
Pebble Yes
Kreyos Meteor
Samsung Galaxy Gear
Sony SmartWatch 2 Yes


Winner: Pebble/Sony SW2



SmartWatch PRICE
Pebble $150
Kreyos Meteor $169
Samsung Galaxy Gear $300
Sony SmartWatch 2 $200


Winner: Pebble


Voice Calls/Speaker/Mic

SmartWatch VC/Speaker/Mic
Kreyos Meteor N/A|Yes|Yes
Samsung Galaxy Gear Yes|Yes|Yes
Sony SmartWatch 2


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Gear

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With all of these comparisons, the “winner” will  depend on what you’re looking for in your Smart Watch. The Galaxy Gear and Kreyos Meteor gives you the most features, but Samsung Galaxy Gear’s phone compatibility is also by far the most limited in this group, not mention it’s Pricing is a little too high for a Smartphone Accessory. While Pebble lacks some of the Gear’s more smartphone-like features, but it has a lot of software support and a great price compared to other devices and if you want a premium device, Pebble 2 is on it’s Way! People are also pretty big fans of the Sony SmartWatch 2, for its “Find my Phone” feature and many other apps compatibility.

Whichever direction you choose – even if that means holding out for Apple’s and Google’s rumored takes on the smartwatch – hopefully you’re a little clearer on what is offered in these Smart watches.

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