Insane Sci-Fi Inventions in the Real World

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Iron man may be science-fiction, but the exoskeleton isn’t. Every day, more and more of science fiction becomes science fact. In the case of the exoskeleton, the XOS 2 suit, designed by Raytheon promises to increase agility, strength, and endurance of the soldier wearing it. It uses high-pressure hydraulics to lift heavy objects without the operator becoming fatigued.

It’s not quite on the order of cybernetic implants, but it’s the first step towards an incredible augmentation of the human body. While it’s still in the developmental stages, it’s expected to be used by the military by 2015.

And straight out of the novel 1984, there’s the Nano drones. Imagine the government spying on you – not they would ever do such a thing. But, seriously, this is a piece of technology that scares some people. Insect-sized devices that can fly around and peek over your shoulder are are on their way to production. The University of Pennsylvania released a video in 2012 showing that the technology is fully functional. These devices are agile, can navigate through tight spaces, and are capable of pulling of incredibly complex flight patterns.

To get the government off your trail, you might need to clone yourself and run a distraction play. Wait – that might be possible in the future. Right now, scientists are busy cloning pets and other animals.

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