iPhone Game Review: Scribblenauts Remix

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Take Maxwell through various world containing various levels helping him and his friends get through the appointed task. You have a couple avatar choices with the option to buy more. You have 5 worlds each world having 10 levels with the ability to by more worlds with their world pass.

Scribblenauts REmix (1)

The tutorial walks you through an example that provides the jest of what you need to be successful.

Each world is its own theme and levels work within the theme.

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Moving is basic, left and right determined by touching the screen..any other movements are automated like jumping and swimming. Two finger to move the view around, or the avatar head to center screen on avatar. You can also use an onscreen joystick to control Maxwell’s movement and camera view.

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Getting through a level requires you to create via the notepad the needed tool, animal or object. For example I may need to fly to reach a cliff that is too tall for a ladder. I click the notepad, type in Pegasus and a Pegasus appears then I can fly. Shovel to dig a hole, rock to hold a button or a bridge to help a Knight cross a shark filled lake. If you get too many wrong objects you can drag them to the notepad and remove them or shake the phone to remove all unused objects. There is a spy glass you can use to identify objects on the screen.

Note there are many creative ways to beat each level, you aren’t only trying to find the 1 object and you would be surprised at how creative you can be.Scribblenauts REmix (3)

There are hints you can use if you get stuck which happened to me more than I thought might.

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All of you options to share your success are there, Facebook and Twitter and on level success via email or text message. There are leaderboard s for the ultra competitive.

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Overall a pretty decent game. with Scribblenauts Remix I got most of my $0.99 out of it. I think the 5 worlds would be enough for me though.  This game is also an excellent choice for younger kids as it not only can encourage them to spell and learn new words, but also with the spell check and helper it may help them discover new words as well as helping them build creative problem solving concepts.